About us

What we do

The Solicitor General's Office (SGO) provides legal advice and support to the Director General’s Office. The SGO helps the Justice Office perform other duties in the interest of the Foundation's mandate.

Our responsibilities

The Solicitor General’s Office is a Director General’s department which supports the Solicitor General and the Director General. We have responsibility for:

  • providing legal advice to the Director general’s Office
  • scrutinising demands of the Justice Office, amending if required
  • perform other functions in the public interest
  • superintend, or oversee, the main Justice departments, and services

The Solicitor General does not provide legal advise to members of the public or business.

We work with

We work with many other departments, including:

  • Championship Office
  • Director General’s Office
  • Justice Office
  • General Council

We're also responsible for:

  • Justice Office

The office report to:

  • Director General’s Office