About us

What we do

The Department of Environment Affairs is responsible for safeguarding our natural environment; supporting world-leading conservation programs.

Our Purpose

The Department of Environment Affairs is a Director General’s department which supports the Department of Works.

Our purpose is to unleash the economic potential of conservation and champion the environment. The department will explore and develop green initiatives both at home and abroad. With the mission of preserving our natural environment; returning derelict or neglected reserves into safe protected green spaces.

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • support the green investment programs of the foundation
  • conserve the worlds natural habitats
  • prevent deforestation

We work with

We work with many other departments, including:

  • Championship Office
  • Director General’s Office
  • Grants and Outgo Office

We're also responsible for:

  • Forest Research
  • Water Research

The office report to:

  • Director General's Office

Reports & Documents

None to report